What is the ego?

What is the ego?
I can only draw one conclusion, it is a way of thinking, a structure build from beliefs, values and rules.

A 3 letter name for our individual habitual thinking that shapes our reality, and is expressed by our behavior.
A product of our own thinking, a frame of values, rules, convictions, experiences, and assumptions upon which we measure our perception.
This is how we give meaning and discern.
In itself nothing wrong here, but then something happens that is causing us a shitload of suffering.......

We attach.
We believe it, We identify with it
We say this is who I am

We think we need all of it to survive, we think we can't do without. We say it is needed to show our capacity, we think we need to convince others to our opinion, we think we know the truth, and others are wrong, we think the world needs to change towards the image we ourselves see as perfect, we think we need to help others, comfort them, advise them, we think we are not worthy of showing our selves, or worthy to be happy earn money......we think....!

In other words there is always something missing. (We think)
The concept of  " lack" is omnipresent. Can you see nothing is ever enough, there is always something that needs to happen.
Commercially this way of thinking is very lucrative, hence it is stimulated everywhere to drive consumerism and sales. No wonder we think this way.

How is it expressed?
Everyone has slightly different images of the ego, it is always based on how we see ourselves.
These are some of the frequent expressions, all ask for validation.

  • Someone thinks that their truth is the only truth, is primarily serving themselves, feels superior, is impatient and does not care for others.
  • Someone thinks that they are not worthy for any contribution to this world. They adore others and feel submissive, helpless and often depressed.
  • Then there is the type that always has to be seen as perfect, this person goes through great lengths to look good, be the best but is frightened and stressed beneath the surface.
  • And then we have the victim, their pain and suffering is the biggest. Everything and everyone out there is after them and is very resentful towards others.

All the ego expressions are focusing on the outside world, the Ego always looks outward to find:

  • Validation
  • Solution
  • Enemies
  • Someone to blame

The image we have of ourselves determines the reality we perceive. The ego determines our interpretation, what we see in response and situations we enecouter is a validation of our ego. We see what we wish to see, and turn a blind eye to all the rest.

Is it learned behavior?
I honestly lean into that opinion....but who, or what, is guilty is not the point.
Most important is the awareness on:

  • That what we have learned is not always the truth
  • We can easily shift our beliefs because they no longer serve us. 
  • That we still have unknown habits, that are based on false truths we never investigated
  • That these habits have tremendous influence on how we experience our reality.

The ego basically stands for attachment.

The choise to attach to judgement, interpretation, identification, beliefs, worldview, religion, self image, fear, opinion, bad experience, status, rules, positive experience, security, knowledge, truth, freedom, wealth, sickness, love, suffering, your phone... you name it, it gets you into trouble.
They will remain to exist untill you decide to disattach, then you will find life becomes richer and more abundant.
Acceptance, and letting go, is not as hard as many people think.....they are hard because you think it is (this is attachment)

Is our ego limiting?
From my experience, I have to say it is..
In the past I have screwed up relationships, held myself back because of fear, of insecurities, and walked away angry because I felt I was not treated property. And still today I stumble across the  limitations of my ego, no fun.
But the positive side is, it becomes aware and it enables me to do something about it.

Can we do without?
Not sure, I would love to....and I refuse to attach to that frame of mind :-)
It is as it is!
I can do without attachment, the freedom, joy, energy that it brings is amazing. Now that I know this, I want more...( Without attachment of course)

Today's heroes!
We humans have enormous evolutionary potential, when we dare to move past the ego, and discover what we find there. It takes courage and heroism but the rewards are Divine.

There is no thing you have to do, just open your eyes, and let go of dysfunctional behavior. No thing to learn, only unlearn. No one to become, you are already. I see you and me, just the way we are.

Imagine this;
If we were able to fully accept each other, what would be our reality?
For heroes and adventurer's: journey past the ego, the new world is ready for discovering.

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