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I did record several webinar series:

Webinar serie: Personal Power

We all are shaped by our past and experiences, the habits we have created over the years are repeated without noticing if they are still of practical use. Many times we behave as is expected of us, but is it really you? Is your unique personality, creativity and passion shining through?

Personal Power is your unique source of energy and comes from within, and rarely someone is taught how to use it. We model others, it is time we start to investigate what lies within.

In each webinar I shortly touch a certain aspect you can pay attention to, and work on for yourself, generating more (self) confidence- awareness and self supportive behavior.
They will remind you and serve you with tip's, insights and easy to use exercises.

Serie of 6 video's


Webinar serie: Charisma

Charisma is our birthright, it is time to claim it into your own life.
My wish for everybody to shine and be happy about themselves, motivated me to create this series.

This is a serie of 7, free, short, inspirational video's (6-8 minutes) with just one small element of generating more Charisma at the time.

Let me warn you, these might seem small and simple steps, but they are deep and can have amazing effects. This ofcourse can only happen once you are prepared to experiment with them and implement them in your own life.

This video is about being honest about yourself.
We tend to hide or resist our imperfections, or have a habit of not fully participating in life.
That is making our non verbal expression dull, cold or in-congruent.
The battle we have with ourselves on the inside is keeping us from shining.

​​Serie of 7 video's


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