Quite often i get wonderful and sweet comments from participants in my workshops or webinars. To expand the joy even more, i created this page to honor these references.

I have viewed your free webinar, thank you for that few minutes i and was dragged into your story. Great! Even if we are on the same wavelength, I found put your film together with the appropriate background, very nice!. So this is how you get these results; with courage, authenticity and spontaneity. Compliments!

My thanks for your gifts in the workshop on 12 Dec and then afterwards these webvideos, Wow, we talked about it for days.
Olivier van Praag

Thank you Suzanne, you are beautiful, truly a gift
Love Caroline

Hello Suzanne,
It was a lovely evening last Tuesday!
Super to hear you ... It made me so happy!
You are a beautiful lady with a great' message!
Thank you and hope to see you again
Denise Goossenaerts

You did it again, iwas moved to tears.
Marijke Fonteyn

Highly recommended: a fascinating workshop with an inspiring, amazing lady! Suzanne Meijroos, you will never forget her!
Ingrid De Cooman

In the workshop I became aware of my personal characteristics that I can use during my own presentations. For me it was a real eye-opener. The personal attention we received during the workshop, made this possible. Thank you Suzanne!
Tessa van Stijn

I very much enjoyed your presentation / workshop! I found it impressive and it touched me! That in this fast, impatient, business world an act of taking time and having attention is important. I found that very pleasant to hear. It's really that simple! I am also convinced that it works! I'd like to attend more workshops from you!
L. Leenhouts. Dobbelaere Brokers

Hi Suzanne, First of all my compliments for your presentation last Saturday! So authentic, so warm, so Suzanne.
Just touching and beautiful, how you shared your past with the 160 audience in the hall.
You could "hear a pin drop ... Everyone was really touched”.
And so beautiful how you've developed as a person, you shine like no other.
You said you want to make people shine around you, already do it!
John Overhage

I just viewed your video seminar. Delicious!! Thanks for sharing this. This is a wonderful gift.
You're such a beautiful and pure woman. You certainly inspire me ... Thanks for your E-factor!
Nathalie Theys

Hello Suzanne, thank you for your new "heart amplifier".
It gives me the courage to tackle my own life
Ria Brothers

I like it that you always exude so much enthusiasm and energy on the video messages. I am simultaneously wondering how you do that, if you just do not have it, at that time if you want to record you video’s

Wonderful! I love your videos, I like this one in English.
You practice what you teach and display the attractiveness you talk about.
Thank you for being alive!
Vital Performance,
Gerard Meerstadt

Suzanne is a very special woman. Nothing about her is simply simple. It is always slightly different, more fun, lighter, nicer. Put Suzanne in front of a group and something special happens. Never predictable, but always just right for that time, and that specific group. Never a dull moment.
Angelique van 't Riet

Hey Suzanne, since two months you are regularly with me trough your blogs. I really enjoy it, so wonderfully clear and inspiring, you want to thank you.
I've spotted three months ago as a link on a website of a good knowledge. Meanwhile I have ordered two books out of curiosity. The books are clear and inspirational to read.
Who knows, we meet once at a seminar, I certainly intend to come.
I enjoy and marvel so many beautiful things every day, and i see that reflected in you too.
Seen you soon beautiful,
Kind regards,

Suzanne has touched hearts several times as a speaker during our events. Her story leaves no one untouched. She triggers all kinds of emotions in people with her energy and dynamism. A very interesting and inspiring lady that I highly recommend.
Lucille Adriaens
Philips Electronics Netherlands BV

Your lecture was super, everyone was very happy! Suzanne is very energetic and involves people, very admirable."
Joukje de Boer, Unilever Vlaardingen

Spontaneous report of someone in the audience at Unilever:

Dear Suzanne,
I think back to the afternoon, you gave a performance it was really enchanting. Time stood still, time no longer existed.
The way you moved the audience, I found unmatched. You spoke passionately and made connections between yourself and others. You know how it went. Thank you.
With warm regards,
Wouter Valentin,
Unilever Vlaardingen

Dear Suzanne,
Thank you for the great session, I really enjoyed it and everyone in the group was reflecting on it the rest of the week, you really made a huge difference on them, so I guess we had were lucky to have you, and it was a great decision to book this session. "
Miral Mahrous
Learning & Development Consultant
Heineken International

Thanks especially to you for your warm inspiring leadership, your loving energy, your strength and your lovely gentleness.

I just admired your beautiful loving attitude during that whole day.

I am deeply touched and stirred - and I think the others who were present too - so much inspiration, so many warm involvement and so much passion..
Thank you, radiant Suzanne
Carmen Tjon Kon Joe

Thanks again for the great day, I fully enjoyed and felt completely back 'home'.
Regards, Pieternel Fishermen

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