Undervalued energy

Amazing how far we have got lost from one of our greatest driving forces in life, we are to damn serious and don’t appreciate enthusiasm and fun as much as we should.

Pure zest for life makes us energized, healthy, happy, loving and creative and the silly part of it; we don’t value these aspects of our life enough.
We forgot our true free spirits and playful nature, we have become creatures of habit and mindgames.

Whatever you think and say will influence the way you act, and that will attract those things that are in line with what is in your mind. What we think, say and do, is a creation.
This is something we are not aware of, most of the time. We hang on to things we actually don’t want, or even fight against, because we are thinking and talking about it too much. Eventually we start to act accordingly and by doing so we are creating even more of the stuff we don’t want.
In order to shift things we need to re-focus ourselves and actively start valuing energizing thoughts, words and acts.
Over and over again i am amazed that we collectively value knowledge more than fun and enthusiasm. Do you see how stupid that is!
IQ is overvalued ......lets start a rating in FQ (fun-quotient)

In medieval times a jester (the fool) was payed to entertain the court, bring new perspectives on serious matters,confront ego’s, and play with out of the box idea’s. This creative energy was valued enough to make it a task, or a job.
Is it wise for a company to pay someone to keep up the good positive and creative spirits. Create an energy of enthusiasm, fun and motivating flexibility? I think so.

A couple of day’s ago i shared some fun learning time during a workshop i gave, and the best part of that day was the uplifting heart connected energy we exchanged.
The whole group was infected, the bright shining faces were marvelous to see!
At the end of the day everyone left happy about themselves. I overheard a conversation during a gathering with the rest of the group that did different workshops. One of my audience was asked what have you learned? The face became serious. After thinking a while he said: “nothing i did not know already”
It is easy to say it was useless because nothing was learned. Once we start thinking in that way, a beautiful day is diminished within seconds, a happy healthy experience is thrown away like garbage.
But hang on, knowing something does not mean you are able to apply it, experience it, or reap the results of it...and what about the happiness you experienced isn’t that of the greatest value?
We learn more through experiences it becomes an attitude, you live and breathe the knowledge...it is integrated in your whole being. How can you say you haven’t learned anything? Good lord.... how easy we discharge the simple but most valuable aspects of our being; experiencing joy. Please look again with a wider perspective!
Please, help me to remind people where the real value is...experiencing a moment of happiness!

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