Mirror mirror on the wall

Wondering why there is so much turmoil in the world? Humans are evolving! This whole fairytale of life is getting different/new meanings.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.
It’s you my dear...

Every situation is a reflection of yourself, everything you see in another person is you.
When humans show more and more of their own Spirit the reflections become more clear, it is like the very dirty mirror has been cleaned after 2000 years of dirt piling up.
All of the sudden you are confronted with your own beauty, true power, and also your own fears.

When we are not willing to see, and accept these reflections, the best way to deal with them is accuse someone else of bad behavior. Then manipulate them into changing, and show less of their spirit, so you can feel better. This is a very successful strategy, as many of us already know.
What we ignore in the process is that we have created a triple conflict.

Abracadabra All the good stuff comes in holy trio’s ;-)

  • There is the conflict within you, for not accepting yourself,
  • Then you have a conflict with life, not taking it as it comes.
  • And then there are the persons you have accused.

All of the sudden everything seems to be against you...
As if a dark witch put a spell on you, you are cursed for bad fortune...

Ding Dong-Newsflash: You are the dark witch!

It is a spell that you carry through life, that can only be broken by looking and accepting your full you, just the way you are.
Lucky for you, these clear mirrors come re-appearing into your life until you are willing to see your full beauty reflected. Fear and all other, so called, dark emotions are beautiful too you know, that is also You that needs to be acknowledged and seen.

When you carry more spirit by fully accepting your beauty, and express it. You are asked to use your true power, your spirit shines trough in a way that cleans you as a mirror. Everyone you interact with can clearly see their own beauty. That is a miraculous and beautiful experience. Hooray...

You might say: "They lived happily ever after"
But hold on, the story continues:

Once upon a time...
You will stumble on to those who are not willing to see their own beauty, true power, and fears. Now is the challenge is to not take their accusations personal, but keep reflecting back without making your own spirit small. If you do take it personal your mirror gets dirty again and all reflections get distorted.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.
It’s you my dear......

To be continued...

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