Unity in Diversity

Today I write to show the beauty and value of being different.
To open the doors for diversity and creativity. Connect with one another beyond the borders of race, gender, religion and even what is considered as "normal".  I call upon the rebels, the artists, the outcast, the geeks and freaks, the aliens, the lightworkers, the sevants. The hidden group of people who are so different that they are not fully engaged with society. At least it looks that way from the mainstream perspective.The unseen group that already have very interesting knowledge on an alternative future, and are already doing their bit to transform society.

If we wish to find new levels of collaboration we need to create space for humans being special. Stop and Listen and even listen beyond the obvious seeking the hidden gem. The contribution of those who are "strange" will result in more innovation, creativity, and eventually peace.

Often in willing and without knowing we we make assumptions and are prejudiced to what we don't know it understand. We expect things from people and with that exclude the beautiful offerings of those who are different, and deprive ourselves of inspiration, adventure, and even sweet or fast solutions.

Meeting someone who is different is like a excotic sensation, filled with the unknown and filled with potential. it is a journey to allow diversity in our workspace and in our fields. Especially in a time where we live in bubbles and we fight over opinions and religions. I would like to open the door for more diversity in every aspect of society and create something that is never created before once we start to connect from the heart with those who are different and find commonalities we can actually collaborate in a much more efficient way and use each other's visions and talents to the full extent that everyone is able to have a full expressive contribution within the larger community.

One of the most revolutionairy things you can do today is Stop and Listen, This is the first step into Wisdom leadership, who knows what reveals itself.



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