We are all a divine expression, made after the image of God. There is wisdom in those ancient words, and you can interpret them in many ways. Do you now have a spiritual/religion allergie, please hang in there.. is not whoowoo talk, about religion or belief, it's about you!

We are all a divine expression, we have to reconize we are wonderous creatures with infinite potential. That awareness demands something of us;

  • Recognizing ourselves as perfect just the way we are.
  • Recognizing others as perfect just the way they are.

For many this is a difficult task because we feel something different on the inside. Doubt and Insecurity has many faces and expressions. Insecurity is a human emotion that invites us to overcome the self-made obstacles. To simply accept insecurity is unusual, we have been taught to fight it, outvoice it, or suppress it in a way that we become victims of it.

We often don’t realize, when we do not accept, the ego has entered the game.
The ego can make your selfimage too large or too small, it can create endless conflicts and is able to spread like a cancer, creating drama and make others accountable for your suffering. It will deform any situation or statement untill it finds proof for its vision, and say's: See, I'm right!
But that is not all of you........Your spirit or soul simply is..... and also accepts the wild excesses of the ego.
This means that you can consciously choose your own state of being. What do you choose?

The risk of being misunderstood is always there, whatever you say, write or communicate, and how honest you are or want to be. The soul of the other person accepts you as you are, but their ego might want other games. If it does it will alway's find a stick to hit with.
Understand everyone sees what they want to see, from their perception and that is their truth, You do it the same way, dont you?
The open mind to the possibility that more truths exist makes it easier, it allows you to look at something from many different perspectives. It will show you more freedom and connection.
This allows you to accept yourself the easy way, and by doing so it becomse fun to see others as perfect.
This is Accepting the other God in action:

  • You like it when another person fully accepts your pure and divine expression, including all your divine mistakes ;-)
  • Allow yourself to accept your own pure divine expression, and include all your divine mistakes.
  • Accept the pure and divine expression of another person, and include all their wonderful divine errors ..... even when you disagree.

From acceptance we find deep connection.
Unify with yourself first, make peace with who/what you are now.
It equals the ability to be in peace with one another and that equals having a peaceful life. ;-)
I am working on it ;-) are you in? .... And you dont need to be holy, just be honest. So complain, curse, balance your ego, forgive, laugh about it, let go, and move on.

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