What is the ego?

What is the ego?
I can only draw one conclusion, it is a way of thinking, a structure build from beliefs, values and rules.

A 3 letter name for our individual habitual thinking that shapes our reality, and is expressed by our behavior.
A product of our own thinking, a frame of values, rules, convictions, experiences, and assumptions upon which we measure our perception.
This is how we give meaning and discern.
In itself nothing wrong here, but then something happens that is causing us a shitload of suffering.......

Unity in Diversity

Today I write to show the beauty and value of being different.

Undervalued energy

Amazing how far we have got lost from one of our greatest driving forces in life, we are to damn serious and don’t appreciate enthusiasm and fun as much as we should.

Pure zest for life makes us energized, healthy, happy, loving and creative and the silly part of it; we don’t value these aspects of our life enough.
We forgot our true free spirits and playful nature, we have become creatures of habit and mindgames.


We are all a divine expression, made after the image of God. There is wisdom in those ancient words, and you can interpret them in many ways. Do you now have a spiritual/religion allergie, please hang in there.. is not whoowoo talk, about religion or belief, it's about you!

We are all a divine expression, we have to reconize we are wonderous creatures with infinite potential. That awareness demands something of us;

Mirror mirror on the wall

Wondering why there is so much turmoil in the world? Humans are evolving! This whole fairytale of life is getting different/new meanings.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.
It’s you my dear...

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