Happiness equals success, not necessarily the other way around

The human potential is ever expanding into new possibilities, and we keep repeating habitual behaviour. Everybody understands that we need to replace our communicative devices every once in a while to keep up with the newest technology. Likewise we need to change our minds, habits and ways to learn new capabilities and open up for new potentials.

Often unaware of our thoughts and actions we ourselves are in the way of major breakthroughs in happiness, success and creating our dream life. Often enough we find ourselves stuck and frustrated with life, disappointed with the results of our efforts.
There are several misunderstandings, unconscious patterns and incorrect programming that are of huge influence, and they are determining the outcome of our actions. Once we become aware of those limiting facts we raise our consciousness and become able to change our minds, habits and way’s in order to easily facilitate the things we wish for in life.
Working Miracles is enhancing creative intelligence, updating ourselves to instant results and rewiring for breathtaking experiences. The instant results of happiness and playfulness are an inspirational guide towards future manifestations.

Suzanne Meijroos - Born deaf and HSP (Amsterdam 1967) At the age of 4 the deafness was healed but this child's development was exceptionally different. Early life was a struggle of being accepted, adapting to what was “normal”. School was confusing filled with conflicting messages, and physical/ mental abuse. By the age of 16 refuge was found in what turned out to be an award winning acting career.

At 30 years of age old trauma’s were aroused resulting in a major burnout, as a consequence the acting career ended, and all effort went into an intense time of self study, healing and personal growth. At 35 a career in personal development was started and public speaking, giving workshops and seminars was embraced.

Using her own experience and experiments on a personal level, lead to very inspirational insights and knowledge. Steadily using this to a bigger scale and gradually growing into an international keynote speaker. Sharing and giving thousands of people the chance to open up to an increasing number of opportunities to enrich their lives, opening up to their own potential.

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