Suzanne Meijroos in aktie


I am a Facilitator of Transformation 
In my world there is diversity, and unity. That's what I see, and that is what I bring. 

From my teens on I trained myself being a professional actress. It was the best psychological education, in how to deeply understand people, emotions, and circumstances. I learned how to use my sensitive empatic skills to connect with others, and understand reality at another level.
Today I use my capacity to deeply connect in another form and expression. I evoke hidden potential in groups and teams. I empower towards Wisdom Leadership, leveraging  possibility within diversity.
I work with people who trust themselves enough to leave the predictable boxes, because in the yet unknown is the key to the future. In the unpredictable new, our structure needs to be invented. We find that structure in navigating between expectations, ambition and inner wisdom.
With my endless professional and personal toolbox we create the magic together, find the potential of the group, the individuals and the current situation Aimimg for the best possible outcome for all involved, fast, effective and productive. Our diversity gives the spark to a new strategy embraced by all. 

Keynote/ workshop topics:
Wisdom Leadership- The Leadership of We 
ListenIN- A Peace generating Skill
Unity in Diversity- Leveraging hidden Potential of a Team





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